The Cold Frost that Never Ends

I wrote this poem ‘The Cold Frost that Never Ends’ after reading Anne McCaffrey’s Moreta – Dragonlady Of Pern.

The book was a really easy read, and (without causing too many spoilers for those that may yet read it!) had a lot of death in the story arc. It got me thinking about death, dying, and all the horse-shit we as humans love to tack onto such a non-occasion!
Our sentient being cannot grasp,
Natures oft thought cruelest task,
It troubles man to comprehend,
The truth which lies beyond the bend,
As life takes a gradual turn,
Along the path ne’er return,
Man has but pause and not regret,
That the maker hath cast his net!
Note – I am a die hard atheist! The use of maker in the poem is merely as a sort of ode to Hades. I feel that poetry (at least from my own reading of poetry!) works better when there is personification of concepts, but I do almost regret that maker may be misconstrued in this context as a divine entity.

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